Jenise Gaskin, CPA
Employee Benefit Plan Audit Group Leader


How We Help

Our service approach allows management to focus on core competencies with access to the expertise required to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the business function at a reduced cost. The deployment of industry best practices and technology helps reduce your manual and labor intensive processes, thus increasing the quality and reducing the cost of accounting services.

Streamline Business: Integration of all your systems, accounting and administrative, in one place.

Support Scalability: Technology that supports standardized best practice processes with scalable solutions.

Lower Costs: Increase quality, not cost. Cloud computing reduces your reliance on outside IT maintenance and support.

Optimize Efficiency: Leverage technology to reduce manual and labor-intensive processes that are not aligned with your goals.

Smarter, Sophisticated Decisions: Modern technology with relevant solutions help you make the best decisions for your business and clients.

Phases of Service

Regardless of the service phase that suits your organization’s needs, our goal is to develop a collaborative roadmap that focuses on leveraging technology to support standardized best practice processes, reducing current dependencies on labor intensive, manual processes and align your strategy with an economical and scalable solution.

The Technology

We will work with you to integrate your accounting system with other systems such as employee reimbursement programs, bill pay solutions, payroll solutions, database for managing constituents / donor management (CRM) or any other platform. We are certified in a number of accounting software platforms and engage in regular training to stay current on solutions that interface with your organization. Whatever your software needs, we can help with your system conversion and support.


In addition to the major players shown above, BPM offers a range of software solutions under each of the following categories:

  • Desktop Accounting Solution
  • Cloud Accounting Solution
  • Hybrid Accounting Solution
  • Mid-size Cloud ERP Solution
  • Automated AP and AR
  • Expense Management
  • Timesheet Tracking
  • Payroll and HR Solution




Jenise Gaskin, CPA
Employee Benefit Plan Audit Group Leader