All U.S. and foreign transactions involving business combinations or restructurings raise highly complex tax issues and risks, while also providing significant opportunities to achieve tax-effective transaction results and tax-efficient future structures and operations. These transactions include mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, partnerships, equity investments, divestitures, and “inversions.”

The extent and significance of the tax issues, risks and opportunities on these transactions is compounded when multinational companies or multiple jurisdictions are involved. When not proactively identified and addressed by professionals with relevant expertise, the window to avoid potential tax pitfalls and achieve optimum tax results may close when the transaction closes. 

Our dedicated ITS professionals offer deep expertise and extensive experience in all aspects of international business combinations and restructurings, including post-transaction integrations. Our ITS team can assist U.S. and foreign companies involved in these transactions with proactive identification of all relevant U.S. and foreign tax issues, risks and opportunities. They can also identify, develop, and assist in implementing company-specific strategies for achieving tax-effective transaction results, post-transaction integrations and future operating structures.

When foreign support on international business combinations is needed, BPM’s Allinial Global network provides direct and immediate access to the same high level of “home country” expertise and resources in the more than 106 countries where our 220 member firms operate.

BPM offers additional expertise and a comprehensive suite of other services relevant to international business combinations, including due diligence, modeling, valuation, financing, financial reporting and tax compliance.


Sven Jost, Ph.D.
Partner, Transfer Pricing & Economic Consulting
Inho Lee, JD, MSA
Manager, International Tax and Transfer Pricing
Abraham Valdez Bravo
Senior Lead Economist/Director, Economic Consulting
Alan Williford
Director, Transfer Pricing Services