Mid-market and early-stage companies that embark upon or increase their global expansion often lack the internal expertise or resources required to properly identify or address the myriad U.S. and foreign tax and non-tax issues of relevance, particularly in today’s rapidly evolving, increasingly complex global tax and business environment.

We specialize in mid-market and early-stage companies, offering the complete range of U.S. and foreign international tax and transfer pricing services. Our ITS professionals have the in-depth expertise and relevant experience to provide cost-effective, value-added assistance to mid-market and early-stage companies that are establishing or expanding their international footprint. We assist companies operating in all global industry and business sectors and geographic markets to identify, develop, implement and maintain company-specific tax-effective international expansion strategies and tactical game plans that facilitate and enhance their global business and financial successes.

Our ITS professionals can help mid-market and early-stage companies identify, properly evaluate and balance all U.S. and foreign tax considerations relevant to their international expansion, including: