As U.S. companies grow internationally, they frequently arrange foreign work assignments for their U.S. employees. Whether foreign work assignments are intended to be less than a year in duration or for a more extended period of time, proper planning and compliance with multifaceted U.S. and foreign tax laws and other regulatory requirements is critical to protect a company’s legal, reputational and business risks.

BPM’s International Assignment Tax Services (IATS) professionals have the relevant expertise to ensure tax and cost-efficient results for U.S. and foreign companies and employees. We offer specialized experience in the financial and compensation elements of international assignment programs that contribute significant value to the employer and enhance the employee's international assignment experience.

When foreign support on international assignment matters is needed, BPM’s LEA global firm network provides direct and immediate access to “home country” international assignment expertise and services in the more than 106 countries where our 220 member firms operate. 

IATS services we provide include:

  • Planning for tax and cost-effective short-term assignments of less than one year
  • Planning for tax and cost-effective long-term assignments of one year or longer
  • Design and administration of employee tax protection and equalization programs
  • Consulting on U.S. and foreign benefit plans and social security matters
  • Assistance with U.S. and foreign payroll, withholding, reporting and filing requirements
  • U.S. and foreign tax compliance services and support for companies and assignees