Top-performing companies understand that their supply chain and underlying core business model provide a critical source of competitive advantage. Experience shows that companies with the best-performing supply chains rank ahead of their competition on key financial metrics. These companies ensure that their supply chains fully support not just their overall business strategies, but also well-defined global tax strategies.

While supply chain and business model optimization help companies gain their competitive footing, there are multifaceted tax, operational and organizational implications that are wide in scope. For many companies, the complexity is compounded by business operations and supply chains that are spread or rapidly expanding throughout the world. Solutions must be business-driven, holistic, forward-looking, develop a solid foundation for sustainable growth, and flexible to adapt to frequently changing global tax, economic and business factors.  

The international tax and transfer pricing experts in BPM’s Global Business Model Optimization Group have extensive experience with supply chain and business model optimization. We provide value-added hands-on analysis, direction and support on tax, operational and other organizational matters to ensure that your company’s supply chain and legal structure aligns with your core business model and supports relevant tax and business strategies at the global and local country levels. We design, develop and implement tax-effective supply chain and business model optimization strategies that consider and bring together these critical factors to help achieve optimum and sustainable operational, tax and other financial results.