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Ensure You Make the Grade With Tailored FedRAMP Authorization Guidance. 

Looking to attain FedRAMP authorization? Turn to BPM. Our elite team of IT security specialists are authorities on all aspects of the FedRAMP authorization process and can prepare and guide any company, big or small, through the steps necessary to pass FedRAMP assessments.  

We have to date successfully provided these services in more than 10 FedRAMP authorization preparation processes that resulted in Joint Authorization Board (JAB) or Authority to Operate (ATO) authorization. 

While BPM does not conduct third-party assessment organization (3PAO) audits for FedRAMP, our IT Security Advisory team works closely with information technology teams to review and assess their companies’ ability to meet or exceed the U.S. government’s rigorous FedRAMP compliance standards. 

Our team of security specialists will conduct a thorough review of your current cybersecurity plans and technology. They will test and verify to ensure that your security controls meet FedRAMP compliance standards. And because we are not a FedRAMP 3PAO, we are free to advise and document everything along the way. 

Achieve FedRAMP Authorization to Bid on Federal Contracts 

Becoming a federal contractor or service provider for the U.S. government or its agencies takes time and attention to detail. Companies need to register with the General Service Administration (GSA) and ensure they comply with all required laws and specific regulations.  

The task becomes a more complicated if a company is providing cloud-based computer services. Agencies absolutely do not want to be victims of a cybersecurity breach. The data the government entrusts with its contractors can range from personal information for citizens to sensitive or classified information. Protecting this data is critical and requires a rigorous vetting process to be permitted to provide this service.  

For this reason, the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security and the GSA created the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) assessment.  

FedRAMP is an in-depth audit of a company's cybersecurity capabilities that is required for accessing or storing all government data. It is a standardized review that focuses on security assessment and ensures continuous monitoring for all cloud products and services. The benefit of this process is that once a company passes FedRAMP, it is free for them to bid on cloud-computing contracts with any federal government agency. 

Detailed Documentation and Assessments Accelerate the Path to Authorization 

It often comes as a surprise to business leaders that a 3PAO audit only tells a company if they passed or failed their review. It does not provide in depth information on where a company needs to improve to pass the inspection. By contrast, BPM will create extensive documentation that will thoroughly explain all aspects of the assessment, including areas that require immediate remediation.  

Once the assessment is completed, BPM's security professionals will continue to work with the client and their IT team to implement the upgrades and address any flagged issues from the review.  

Accredited CMMC Advisory and Consulting  

When your business is looking for advice, you look for someone who has walked the walk. BPM has been recognized as a Registered Provider Organization (RPO) by the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Accreditation Body (CMMC-AB), a status that authorizes us to list our services in the CMMC-AB marketplace. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that you are receiving accredited CMMC certification advice from a leading provider. 

Contact BPM to Get Started on Your Path to FedRAMP or CMMC Certification Today. 

Passing the FedRAMP or CMMC audit can mean big things for service providers. But the process to becoming certified can be complex and onerous for even the most sophisticated company. Contact the IT Security Advisory professionals at BPM today to get efficient and authoritative guidance in passing these challenging audits. 

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Sarah A. Lynn, MBA
Partner, Advisory
Partner In Charge, Fairfield