Independence and Impartiality

BPM realizes the value of independence and impartiality. The firm is impartial, intellectually honest, and free of conflicts of interest. To ensure commitments to independence, impartiality and objectivity of its management systems certification activities, BPM will not provide any sort of advisory, management systems consulting services to assist in the design, selection, implementation of controls or internal audit services to meet the ISO 27001 requirements. This requirement does not prevent BPM from performing ISO 27001 readiness or pre-assessment services.


BPM clients may contest an application, certification, or other decision taken by BPM. The appeal must be submitted by requesting and completing an Appeals document which will be provided by BPM. BPM will acknowledge receipt of the appeal and notify client of the status of the appeal. BPM personnel involved in the certification activity will not be involved in the matter of the appeal. BPM shall ensure investigation, and decision on appeals submitted does not result in any discriminatory action taken against the client. 

BPM will give formal notice to the appellant at the end of the process.


BPM shall acknowledge the receipt of a complaint and shall provide the client with progress. The decision, formally communicated at the end of the complaint-handling process, will be communicated by individuals not previously involved in the subject of the complaint. Prior to disclosing any complaints against BPM or its clients, both parties will collectively discuss such matters unless disclosure is required by law.

Maintaining Certification

BPM clients are responsible for maintaining the certified system. If client fails to complete surveillance or recertification activities or fails to remediate major non-conformities within specified time frame, BPM will initiate certification suspension procedures. Suspension status will be communicated to the client, and client has six months from the audit to remediate the issues, after which certification may be restored. If remediation is not completed, BPM Certification Body Management will determine if certification should be withdrawn, or scope of certification reduced. Client should contact BPM upon reduction or expansion of scope to initiate the scope review process.

Use of BPM Certification Mark

Use of BPM Certification Mark is restricted, and may not be used in a misleading manner, such as by implying that BPM certifies a product or that the Certification applies to activities outside the scope of the Certification. Clients are required to discontinue use of advertising matter that contains a reference to the Certification upon suspension or withdrawal of the Certification.

ISO 27001