In the event that a full ERP system is desired, we follow-up our assessment of your as-is business processes by mapping them to system requirements associated with potential ERP options. With this approach, we develop the information needed to recommend the best solution for your company.

We serve as your single point of contact during an ERP implementation by focusing on the following activities:

  • Project Management: We manage the project from start to finish and provide you with the technical resources, training and support you need with consideration to your industry, business processes, size and growth potential.
  • Application Administration: Instead of hiring expensive full-time resources to maintain your ERP solution, we help on an as-needed basis. We quickly and easily perform the application administration so you can focus on more important business matters.
  • Upgrade Support: As ERP providers upgrade their applications, companies often struggle to keep up and ensure business processes and other system interfaces still work together properly. At BPM, we address the impact of upgrades with interface enhancements, testing and training, so you can take advantage of the latest technology without constraining your internal resources.
  • Level One Direct Access: Think of all of the times you have waited on hold for tech support of a solutions provider. Now imagine us taking that off your hands. We have the resources to solve your configuration or data problem quickly. With direct access to the development teams of our ERP software providers, we take on the burden of dealing with the software manufacturers to resolve problems immediately.

We have years of ERP implementation experience with a variety of ERP solutions in diverse industries with companies of all sizes. We will work with you to determine what makes the most sense for your situation. We currently work directly with ERP software providers NetSuite and Intacct.

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