Kemp Moyer, CVA, CMQ/OE
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The BPM Valuation team provides independent and objective assessments of value to companies in any stages of a life cycle, across a variety of industries.

409A Valuation for Emerging Growth Companies

Private companies that issue stock-based compensation are required to have an annual independent valuation. Hundreds of companies have turned to BPM to determine the fair market value of their common stock for IRC 409A and ASC 718 purposes. Our team of experts is knowledgeable in understanding and applying AICPA guidelines to ensure your valuation meets current standards. We understand complex capital structures and allocation methodologies. Importantly, we support our clients to ensure that your report is audit compliant.

Valuation of Complex Securities and Financial Instruments

Companies with tranched preferred financing terms or warrants with complex structures may require a tailored approach to their valuation for financial reporting purposes. We apply a customized valuation methodology that captures the unique economics of these financial instruments to determine fair value. Additionally, we perform ASC 842 analyses for the recently updated lease accounting standards.

Valuation for Gift and Estate Tax Purposes

We provide taxpayers with valuations of closely-held business interests and other assets that meet the strict requirements promulgated by the IRS for a qualified appraisal for gift or estate tax purposes.

Transaction Valuation Services

Clients come to BPM when they have transaction-related business valuation needs for a variety of purposes. If you are preparing a potential shareholder/partner buyout or buy-in, are considering a sale of your company or securing growth capital, are considering completing an acquisition or strategic investment to ramp up business growth, or are simply interested in an objective assessment of what your company is worth, our business valuation professionals can provide valuation services and strategic advisory in these critical areas of business decision making.

Post M&A Valuation Services (ASC 805)

We also provide valuation services for post-M&A financial reporting purposes. Companies making acquisitions must comply with ASC 805 accounting rules and record assets and liabilities at fair value. BPM can provide a purchase price allocation (PPA) study to ensure financial reporting compliance. We also provide annual impairment testing for ASC 350 financial reporting requirements.

Intellectual Property Valuation

BPM brings technical expertise to the valuation of intellectual property and intangibles for strategic planning considerations, as well as tax and financial reporting purposes. Our expertise includes technology, contract, trademark/tradename and customer related assets across diverse industries.

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Kemp Moyer, CVA, CMQ/OE
Director, Advisory
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Kemp Moyer, CVA, CMQ/OE
Director, Advisory