General Business and IP Valuation

Business valuation is more than determining the intrinsic worth of an asset: it is a complex financial process that demands a clear understanding of business strategy, accounting, and corporate finance as well as financial forecasting. Since fair value measurements performed by business valuation firms provide the basis upon which informed management and shareholder decisions are made, it is our goal at BPM to provide our clients with analyses which combine quantitative excellence with demonstrated business acumen. BPM's comprehensive, accurate corporate valuation services meet all of the relevant IRS and FASB regulations as well as GAAP protocols. Our accredited business valuation experts have highly specialized industry expertise. They successfully apply their knowledge and discipline to sectors as diverse as high tech, life sciences, financial services, and real estate, among others. As one of the top business valuation firms in Silicon Valley, our approach is both hands-on and thorough; we take a personal commitment to understanding your short- and long-term business needs. 

Our valuation work has been used for 409a valuations, intellectual property determination, fair value measurements under ASC 820, purchase price allocations (ASC 805) and stock option issuance. 

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is the use of advanced methodologies and architectures to combine data from various systems into meaningful information. By pairing data from financial statements and forecasts with operational systems data, such as time-keeping, payroll, inventory management, and CRM, BI greatly enhances internal communication. BI leads to the development of flexible dashboards, an increased cross-functional collaboration, and the automation of repeatable processes.

Predictive Analytics

BPM also leverages Predictive Analytics (PA), a variety of techniques ranging from statistical models to machine learning and data mining to analyze pre-existing information. The data is then used to predict trends and extrapolate behavior patterns. PA combined with industry-specific analysis can supplement management's acumen during the decision-making process and can lead to the development of robust models to support management. Clients at various stages of maturity have used PA to help manage expenses, explore growth opportunities, expand into new markets and raise new rounds of debt or equity financing.