Economists predict that baby boomers are likely to exit the workforce faster than millennials can grow into it. This presents a diverse range of situations: family-owned companies with no transition plans, mature owners seeking a smooth and beneficial sale, and everyday companies that have lost focus and are underperforming. BPM has been employed by lenders, investors, and business owners at every stage in a company’s life cycle to find value, improve performance and ease transition.

BPM has been assisting companies for over 30 years by drawing on the strength of a full suite of professional and industry expertise. Our team of experts comes from a variety of backgrounds with just one goal: in every situation to restore and enhance the value of our clients’ businesses. Remember, change can happen fast. If BPM is engaged early in the process, our clients have the highest likelihood of success and of achieving peace of mind.

Transaction Advisory
BPM deepens our clients' understanding of investment opportunities by focusing on issues such as the integrity of EBITDA and cash flow, the key trends in revenue and profitability, and accounting procedures and controls. We understand that due diligence reduces the risks of any transaction by providing tactical analysis to support strategic decisions. We review the quality of record keeping and operational systems. We also assess the appropriateness of asset values and potential liabilities that can impact pricing and negotiations. We have the experience and training to uncover opportunities and reduce surprises. 

Valuation & Analytics
BPM's comprehensive corporate valuation services meet all of the relevant IRS and FASB regulations as well as GAAP protocols. Our accredited business valuation experts also have highly specialized industry expertise. As one of the top business valuation firms in Silicon Valley, our approach is hands-on and thorough. Our valuation work has been used for 409a valuations, intellectual property determination, fair value measurements under ASC 820, purchase price allocations (ASC 805) and stock option issuance. 

Restructuring & Transformation
BPM assesses your company to determine where you currently stand. We treat your company like a clean sheet starting from scratch. We then make recommendations for divestments of certain subsidiaries or product lines to increase profitability. Or, we recommend better capital structures and walk you through the process of getting there; our expertise includes negotiating with both lenders and equity sources. We are also experienced analysts of corporate governance and board composition.  Transformation, project management and organizational redesign – all things you can expect with BPM. 

Corporate Dispute Resolution
BPM recognizes that when corporate disputes arise, either from external circumstances or internal matters, business leaders want to resolve the situation quickly, accurately and efficiently. Our deep expertise in forensic accounting, litigation support and mediated settlements allows us to contribute towards fair settlements and good outcomes for our clients. The uncertainty of corporate disputes can never be fully mitigated. The professionals at BPM can help bring peace of mind as resolutions are sought.