Operational Financial Analysis Helps Company Double in Size in 24 Months



A professional services firm was experiencing rapid growth. The firm was successful at securing new business, but having a difficult time retaining business. The client needed BPM to help manage cash flow, identify potential pitfalls, implement strategies to manage through the potential trouble spots and provide a plan for fueling the growth and success of the company.

How We Helped

BPM prepared a financial analysis of operations that gave us the information to provide cash flow projections which provided a road map as to where the cash drains could occur. Our analysis also enabled us to help the client develop strategies for navigating away from cash flow traps and successfully fuel the growth of the business.


The company has since doubled in size in just 24 months, has a healthy balance sheet, and is self-funding growth without having to give up equity or take on excessive debt. In addition, through our analysis of operations, we identified a highly paid employee who was “a disappointment” in sales, and redirected his effort into client management: a highly talented client management staff was retained, and client retention is no longer a problem for this growing company.