2020 Cybersecurity Webinar Series: Concerns for the Roaring Twenties


Woman on cellAs we enter a new decade, most of us realize we’re facing a brave new world of cybersecurity attacks and defenses. Join BPM’s Information Security Assessment partner, David Trepp, as he provides a glimpse of the future of cybersecurity for the 2020s. From improved ransomware and social engineering attacks, to previously unknown hacks facilitated by new technologies such as quantum computing and artificial intelligence, David will guide attendees on a journey into the threat landscape of the roaring twenties. 

Date and Time: 
Tuesday, March 24th 
10:00am – 11:00am

Online Webinar​

BPM’s Information Security Assessment Services Group understands how to balance information security and business needs. The Firm performs a variety of tests and reviews, including the Comprehensive Penetration Test and Information Security Program Review, to identify vulnerabilities in a client’s IT infrastructure, allowing companies to make well-educated decisions on where to best allocate resources. Learn more about our cybersecurity webinar series and information security assessment services at our website.



David Trepp
Information Security Assessment Services Leader

A technology entrepreneur since 1989, David has led over 1,100 information security penetration test engagements for satisfied customers across all major industries throughout the United States and abroad. He has given dozens of presentations to audiences nationwide, on a variety of information security topics. Prior to joining BPM, David was founder and CEO of Info@Risk, a leading comprehensive penetration test firm. David has worked in information security with commercial, healthcare, government, financial, utility, law enforcement and nonprofit organizations since 1998.