BPM FinTech Roundtable

Series Five: Online Lending and Marketplace Investing for Foundations, Endowments and Family Offices: What’s Important to Know and What are the Opportunities? 06.21.16

Online marketplaces for debt and equity investments have grown exceptionally in recent years, attracting significant investments from institutional investors in these companies and their products. Join us for an educational panel discussion with expert stakeholders to who will address the current environment and potential opportunities as an asset allocation strategy for foundations, endowments, and family offices. For organizations with an environmental, social and governance (ESG) or impact investing mandate for their investment portfolio, our experts will discuss their views on the opportunities and challenges involved in this industry to achieve a triple bottom line return.

Discussion topics to include:

  • The current environment and growth of online marketplaces for debt and equity investments
  • An assessment of recent headlines impacting the industry
  • The unique considerations of foundation, endowment, and family office investors
  • The growing interest and involvement by impact investors​


This program is part of BPM’s FinTech Roundtable Series. If you would like to learn more about BPM’s services to the FinTech community, or to attend future roundtables, contact Daniel Figueredo at DFigeueredo@bpmcpa.com