BPM FinTech Roundtable

Series Three: The Macroeconomic Effects of the Federal Reserve’s Monetary Policies on Traditional and Online Lending 09.24.15

Federal policy and a rising interest rate backdrop can impact the cost of capital, loan demand and default rates - all of which are considerations for traditional and marketplace lending businesses alike. 
Join us as we partner with Insikt, J.P. Morgan Private Bank and Prosper Marketplace for an interactive discussion on how a rising rate environment impacts the lending marketing place.
Discussion topics to include:

  • Overview of Federal and Central Bank policy actions/decisions
  • How rising interest rates will impact cost of capital, loan demand, and default rates
  • Outlook for global fixed income markets
  • Considerations for traditional and marketplace lending businesses

This program is part of BPM’s FinTech Roundtable Series. If you would like to learn more about BPM’s services to the FinTech community, or to attend future roundtables, contact Daniel Figueredo at DFigeueredo@bpmcpa.com