BPM FinTech Roundtable

Series One: The Future of Financial Innovation 02.10.15

Global investments into the FinTech sector have grown from just over $900M in 2008 to over $3B today. From payment processors to funding platforms to crypto currencies, innovative financial technologies are enabling companies to access markets and operate at scale much earlier than what was possible even just a few years ago. However, the rapid evolution of these technologies are forcing governments and companies to answer strategic questions and address regulatory issues regarding security, customer experience, and industry dynamics to ensure a safe and robust market environment.

Join us as we partner with Edgar, Dunn & Company to lead a discussion around: 

  • Trends and the future of financial innovation - banks vs. non-banks in the market.
  • Safety of the consumer and compliance considerations - what are the critical standards to implement?
  • Adapting emerging technologies in balance with regulatory changes.
  • Determining when to leverage 3rd parties and when to in-source aspects of your transaction process.
  • Lessons learned from executives who have "been there and done that."

This program is part of BPM’s FinTech Roundtable Series. If you would like to learn more about BPM’s services to the FinTech community, or to attend future roundtables, contact Daniel Figueredo at DFigeueredo@bpmcpa.com