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Research continues to build on the importance of gender equity and its impact on the economy. Companies that elevate women to leadership positions, perform better in productivity and profitability.

A recent study by The Peterson Institute for International Economics reveals that having more female leaders in business can significantly increase profitability. The survey analyzed results from 21,980 global, publicly traded companies, in 91 countries from various industries and sectors and showed that having at least 30% of women in leadership positions, adds 6% to net profit margin. Additionally, women in leadership positions harness the power of diverse thinking, which leads to more collaboration, inclusion, creativity and mentorship.

Through win!, Women’s Initiative Now!, we focus on creating opportunities that improve women leadership participation from its current level to a level that is more reflective of women in the workforce. Specifically, the program’s goals are designed to: ensure a culture that enhances the retention and recruitment of women; enhance the personal development of a woman’s career at all stages; and increase the visibility of their success.

We invite you to learn more about the importance of advocating for women leaders in our industry, community and world.

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Awards and Recognition

In addition to our internal programs, we are proud to share the following recognitions:

Meet the Women Leaders of BPM

Alissia Pope  Ann Marie Gross Anna Su Beth Baldwin Brenda Rose Brit Tompkins Carol O-Hara Carolyn Amster Catherine Wong Cecilia Qian Claudia Martin Danuta Fitzsimmons Denise Jorgensen Diana Borova Dina Firestine Elena Serebriakova  Gladys Tam Inna Merzheritsky Jackie Matsumura Jena Lee Jenise Gaskin Jennifer Stookey Jessica Hekmatjah Jessie Huen Jill Pappenheimer Joni Fritsche Joyce Kandt Julie West Kailas Patel Kathy Wong Kelly Pollard Kimberlee Duval Kristie Carvalho Kristine Malmanis Leone Manni Lin ZhuLisa Whelan Wrench  Maria Melo Marie Scherf Marisa Cribbs Martina Gadgeff Megha Faldu Melissa Kinter Melodie Olson Meredith Johnson Michelle Ausburn Michelle Crosbie Minnie Wright Nancy Kim Nhi Dao Raquel Pena Reena Patel Rosalia Rivadeneyra Ruby Padilla  Sanny Ryan   Selena Yeung Shannon Winter Sharon Selleck  Stayce Kneebone Tamara McInerney Toni Moheng Veronica Galarza Wendy Gordon Winny Wong Yan Li Ying Liang Yun Zhou


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