September 2020

What the Cares Act Retirement Plan/IRA Provisions Mean for Employees
BPM's Ryan Davis recently published an article on Employee Benefit News, which explains how the CARES Act includes several targeted provisions for employer-sponsored qualified retirement plans and individual retirement accounts (IRAs). Read now.

August 2020

Webinar: How HR and IT Can Work Together for Optimized Employee Management
Join our BPM team as they discuss considerations and information your organization needs to know to ensure an efficient employee management process. Register now for the webinar on August 20. 

May 2020

How to Navigate COVID-19-Related HR Challenges in the Food Industry
BPM Partner Jill Pappenheimer answers the food industry leaders' top questions about how to support their people and their business during COVID-19  in a recent Food Engineering Magzaine article. Read now.

Return to the Office Q&A
As government authorities look to implement business reopening measures and lift shelter-in-place orders, employers must be mindful as they move employees back into the workplace. Here are considerations employers should keep in mind when reopening their physical work locations.

April 2020

Free Dale Carnegie Workshop to Reduce Stress and Worry
BPM is partnering with Dale Carnegie to promote an online workshop aimed at offering tips to get the most out of your workday and achieving a better work-life balance now that the two are under one roof. Download the flyer with registration details.

For those who cannot make the online workshop, watch a free, on-demand webinar that is designed to bring leaders together to learn about and reflect on recent research by Dale Carnegie Training and others regarding resilience, its impact on reducing stress in times of adversity and how to develop it in people, teams and across an organization.

Pandemic Unemployment Benefits – What You Need to Know
The CARES Act provides expanded unemployment benefits for those individuals affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is an overview of the three main programs.

City of San Jose and San Francisco Sick Leave Ordinances
The cities of San Jose and San Francisco have enacted emergency sick leave ordinances for covered employers that are not required to provide paid sick leave benefits under the Federal FFCRA. Here is a brief summary. 

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) Program
PUA provides assistance for unemployed or partially unemployed individuals who are not eligible for regular unemployment insurance and who are unable or unavailable to work due to COVID-19 related circumstances. Here is an overview of the new program under the federal CARES Act.

Paid Leave Provisions Under The Families First Coronavirus Response Act
The Families First Coronavirus Response Act creates emergency paid sick leave, as well as paid family leave in the case of school closures, for working families impacted by COVID-19. Here is an overview of paid leave requirements employers should follow.

March 2020

BPM for Remote Workforce Success
Telecommuting technologies and the global economy have already irrevocably changed the nature of the business landscape, and there is no going back now. COVID-19 has forced many employees to stay at home, and many employers do not have the policies, IT technology or data security measures in place to sustain the remote work model in the future. Here’s how BPM’s HR and People Services, Managed IT Services and IT Security Advisory teams work together to provide clients with a complete remote work package.

Guidance to Understand Application of FFCRA
On March 18, 2020, Congress passed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) in response to COVID-19. Here is a brief summary that addresses critical questions, such as how to document usage of sick leave; what size businesses qualify; and how to benefit from the available tax credits under the Act.

Choosing the Right I.T. Tools to Promote Remote Work Success
In order to effectively and productively telework, you need the three C’s: Communication, Collaboration and Coordination. Many technology suites offer tools that enable and encourage more than one of these areas.Finding the right combination of resources to match your company's business needs and culture is critical to maintaining productivity during the current crisis. Here are a few critical components your organization should consider for maximum efficiently, as the future heads in a digital direction. ​​

Navigating New Business Relief Packages and Practices
On March 18, the Senate passed a coronavirus aid package called the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) to help families and businesses weather the financial fallout from the crisis. The package provides expanded benefits and protections, such a mandated paid sick leave and expansion of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) for organizations under 500 employees, expansion of Medicaid and unemployment benefits, and orders free coronavirus testing. Learn how to support your people through compassion, compliance and accountability.

State of California – Employment Development Department (EDD)
While health officials continue to investigate and research the virus, workers and employers should review their health and safety procedures to help prevent exposure. The EDD provides a variety of support services to individuals affected by COVID-19 in California. Here are additional details for both workers and employers. For non-California policies, visit your local employment department website.