Top Ten Reasons You May Be Ready for a New Business Management Solution

By BPM IT Services Group
October 25, 2011

#1 – It takes more than a week to close your books, while staff scramble to manually reconcile information from different systems.

#2 – You have great mobile access to business data (as long as you’re within the four walls of the office).

#3 – You track sales leads on a white board.

#4 – You’re always waiting for that one last #*@%!$! report when it's time to make a critical management decision.

#5 – Spreadsheet sprawl! Chuck is working off of Version A, while Janine emailed Version B to Tom, who made some changes and sent Version C to Becky… and no one knows which version is the most up-to-date, what formulas are being used, or whether the data is accurate.

#6 – Your business strategy is limited by your system’s capabilities – or inabilities.

#7 –You feel like you’re riding a software merry-go-round. As soon as you finish one costly, time-consuming software update, it’s time for the next one.

#8 – Your system is down or otherwise unavailable when you need it.

#9 –You’re still hunting-and-gathering data, when we live in a pizza delivery era. You have to actively query the system for sales, cash flow etc. when that information should be automatically accessible in real time on your dashboard.

#10 – Who needs Somali pirates? Too often it feels like you’re being held hostage by your IT staff.


Kidding aside, an outdated business management system can be not just a headache but also a severe impediment to the growth and success of your business. The initial investment in making a change can pay off in increased productivity and sales. If you have questions about the best technology solution for your business operations, contact a member of the BPM IT Services team.

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